Largish Chicken Tractor

Slow Belly Farm

11 Years
Aug 25, 2010
Springfield, MO
Here's how it started out...a simple 8 x 12 outdoor shed that was on our property when we bought it:


Some progress! It's now mounted on a Hay Wagon for easy relocation around the farm:

Here is a photo album showing the "mounting" process:

I will build out and mount up some nesting boxes later.
Pretty cool. very good use of an old shed. Bet it was fun getting it up on that wagon. We have one that has a 4 x 8 coop built on top of a 8 x 8 run. The run ia 2 ft. tall. I mounted it on a 9 ft. trailer axle and pull it around with the three point hitch on my 57 ford tractor. sometime I will post pics.

That was about an hour of careful work getting the shed on top of the wagon.

Keep your eyes peeled on Craigslist...they go quick. I lucked into that one pretty cheap.
That is so awesome! I love the little light you added for the chickens
You did a great job getting that shed up on the platform. I would have been a nervous wreck, lol. I also love where you hung the feeder and waterer. What a perfect place. I'm sure the chickens love to go underneath out of the sun or rain. I'm jealous!

By the way:

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