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    Mar 1, 2016
    I've had my 14 hens for over two years now , they live in a large luxurious coop and never want for fresh cool water or food and are givin fresh vegetables daily. But in the last two weeks Las Vegas code enforcement has takin it apon them selves to drive around and look in to people's backyards . And now the city is telling me I have to get rid of my flock or face fines and possible jail time. I did months of research before building my coop and kept to all regulations stated on the city website .

    Some one please tell me what I must do to change this zoneing issue the city has come up with but not posted anywhere on any city website
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    Speak with each member of the city council and try to obtain an ally there. Then get all your neighbors and other chicken aficionados to pack city hall at each council meeting.

    Go to your farmer's market in Bruce Trent Park in Summerlin tomorrow and ask around. Also the farmer's market on Friday.
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    Call or go down to codes enforcement and ask how you can obtain a copy of the zoning ordinance you are supposedly breaking. You can't fight it effectively if you don't know what it says. It might be the city website is not up to date, or you might be breaking one little rule you can change, or who knows but make them show you in WRITING what the rules are and in what way you are violating them.
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