Lash Egg by my RIR


Nov 28, 2018
Sebastopol, CA
This morning I found a lash egg in the nest box, laid by my RIR, Aubrey. I’m sure it’s salpingitis. 😢She was diagnosed by our vet over a year ago with an oviduct infection, and possibly oviduct cancer.
Her overall energy is very good, she is eating at a healthy pace and is active when inside the coop and outside free-ranging. She’s been on antibiotics (Amoxitabs 2x/day) on and off for the past year. (She’s in my profile pic w/ me 🥰)

I’ve sent these pics to my vet, as this is the largest lash egg tissue she’s ever laid. In the past they were much smaller and less ‘defined’ than this one.



Crossing the Road
10 Years
Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
You make a lovely couple. :lol: Yep, you're right. It's salpingitis, unfortunately for you both. Probably the on again, off again antibiotics have kept a lid on it, extending her life, although by now, I'm sure you've realized she likely won't be cured of it.

When there's a reproductive infection, sometimes if you realize it and get the hen on antibiotics early, there's a chance to prevent this. I maybe have managed to intervene like this successfully in about one out of five cases, and those are just the ones where I recognized the problem. Most often, the salpingitis appears so late in the infection that my hen dies within weeks of seeing the lash eggs begin to appear.

Your little sweetheart should have months of good living ahead of her with the good care you've been giving her. If I were you, I would continue to care for her as you've been doing and hopefully the universe will cooperate in letting her remain here with you for a good while longer.
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