Last batch!!! 12+ cochin auction closed


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Nov 10, 2007
Mooresburg TN
This is my last batch I will be selling from my Blue, Black, and Lavender bantam cochins.They are going up to the auction sunday. Except the lavender hen which is being shipping out monday. Plus I will throw in any eggs from my Blue mottleds and my white cochins. I have not tested my hatching on my Whites since they just started laying again. I have a pair of SQ whites with 1 hatchery hen and 1 SQ young pullet. My Blue, Black and lavender pen is made up of a pair of blues, Qued of Blacks, and 1 lavender hen. I ahve hatched out mostly blues and lavenders though so they must be laying good. I will be sending every eggs that they lay over the weekend. which is usally around 18 eggs.




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I'm sorry please stop bidding they didnt end up laying as many eggs as I offer. I only got 7 eggs out of them before I took them to the auction. again I am sorry

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