Last chance 4 Bantam Blk-tailed White roos and 1 Serama roo in MD

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    Apr 5, 2012
    eastern shore of MD
    I have 4 bantam Black-tailed White Japanese roos that are 5 months old. They're fighting constantly. I don't have the room or provisions to separate. Hatched these from eggs I bought then incubated. Healthy and non- aggressive to people. They're destined for the butcher unless I can find new homes. I also have a small, handsome Serama roo that is being harassed by the other roos. He needs a new home where either he's kept away from larger roos or he is the only big guy! He spends his time running! Would love to find homes for all 5. They are small chickens - not much meat on them! I really can't stand the thought of turning them over to a butcher. So this is my last shot at re-homing. If anyone has room or can adopt any of these, please pm me. I'm on the eastern shore of MD, near Chestertown. I'm willing to work out delivery if within a reasonable distance. I'm an hour from Dover, DE, and an hour from Easton.
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    I want them so bad! My poor pullets lost their Japanese rooster from wild animals :(
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    They're free? I would pay :)

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