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    So I've been a housewife for the last 6 years while my husband did his Army thing. As soon as I found out he was being medically discharged that first thing I did was start job hunting back here in Cincinnati since we would be returning. Actually got an interview lined up for 3 days after the move. Went in, got hired, started that first week.

    I didn't even think about him needing a transitional time period, or how he would cope, or anything. My career had been put on hold while we tramped around the US and Europe for all those years.

    So for 3 months, I worked full time, and started to realize an issue. He needed me home. His anxiety and PTSD and everything else was getting the best of him. It got so bad, my boss and boss's boss talked to me about it, and asked if I wanted part time if it became available, or if I wanted to give notice. They gave me a week to think it over. I decided on leaving, and they finally found my replacement. So today was my last day.

    Now, it's already been established in the last 6 years that I suck at being a stay at home wife. We don't have children, and with how fast I work, it would take a hole lot of animals to keep me busy all day.

    So, I started thinking at what I'm good at. One of those things is cleaning. But not like... regular dusting. Deep down, total scrub cleaning. Like we did when we cleared military housing. Passing the white glove test in an empty house. Perfectly sanitized for the next people to move in. So before going out and getting a business add, I posted a goofy add in the Services area of CL.

    Turns out, with all the empty housing, there's a market for this. I have my first gig Tuesday. It's for a Realtor who is also going to let me have a display at the open house with before and after photos and my business card. Pretty nifty huh?

    But if this leads to an actual business, my husband can come along and help out, I can schedule my own days, we have more time together so he's not lonely, and it works out for all. My OCD gets an outlet too which will keep me from going crazy sitting at home. I won't have to miss any more of his doctor appointments either, so I can stay in the loop better. His short term memory is jacked.

    I knew I was wrong to think that becoming civilians again would remove transitions. What was I thinking. And it all became finalized on Veteran's Day. How appropriate. [​IMG]

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    Best wishes in your new endeavor and many thanks to your husband (and to you) for the things you gave up to make this country safe!
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    Tell your husband thank you for serving! And good luck with everything..
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    Thanks to your husband and good luck to both of you in this endeavor.
  5. I am a realtor, and there are companies that will hire you to go in and clean out and winterize homes too that have went into foreclosure. Talk to the agent about that, and see if she could give you come contacts REO companies and let them know you are available in a certain mile radius. Usually pay around $500 to clean the house out, but if its really full of stuff you can ask for more to pay for the dumpster too. . .it varies, but this is exactly what will be the new side jobs. There are several people out there doing it right now, but with the flood of foreclosures that are going to be coming onto the market soon, there is going to be a need for more.

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    I wish you were closer, I suck at deep cleaning and I have a house that needs it so I can get it in the market.

    I wish you well in your career change. And I agree with telling your hubby thanks for serving.
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    Good Luck! Like the old saying, "One door closes and a window opens" or something like that.
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    Well I have my first house to do on Tuesday morning! I have several Realtor friends, after I have cards and fliers made I'll get with them too. Husband wants me to get a business ID for taxes if I can manage to pull off 2-3 houses a week.

    Took me a day and a half for non-stop full time cleaning top to bottom and every corner and crevice. It's so much easier on a house that isn't lived in, I want to focus more on that than just regular cleaning. I mean.. I can do that at home! [​IMG]
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Best wishes with the new work and healing for your dh. It would be nice if you could work together.He could do the outside and you the inside.Always safer to work in pairs.We have had a few relators robbed and/or killed the last few months in our area.Be safe!

  10. mandelyn

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    Wow that's scary!

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