Last Minute Hatching eggs- 2 SETS- Laced Brahmas and rare mix- Tolbunt, Swedish, Jubilee, Cream Legb

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    2 different SETS- read carefully please. I have been sick and did not run my usual eBay auctions, so I am listing here this week.

    First person to post SOLD and which set they want gets them- must paypal [email protected] immediately- will ship at 2:30 PM tomorrow on 2/6/13

    $100 each set includes USPS Priority shipping- a full box of 20-24 eggs!!!!

    These eggs were all collected Monday, Tuesday and I will add everything from these pens tomorrow before shipping- no idea how many that will be, depends on the hens.

    #1 Set- Laced Brahmas Pen has a Buff Laced Roo over 6 Buff Laced Hens and a few Gold Laced Hens- will hatch about 75% Buff Laced and the rest Gold Laced- all stock directly from Dan Powell- huge gorgeous birds, I selected very carefully for best laced. Full box 20-24 eggs

    #2 set- Rare Breeds- Tolbunt Polish, Jubilee Orpington, Swedish Flower, Cream Legbar (can possibly add a few Isbar from tomorrow)
    Full box 20-24 eggs

    Tolbunt Polish- smooth and frizzle (3 roos, 6 smooth hens, 2 frizzle hens and there is one buff laced polish hen in the pen)
    Swedish Flower (2 crested roos, 6 hens)
    Jubilee Orpington (5 hens, 1 roo)
    Cream Legbar (5 hens, 1 roo- not all laying)
    Isbars (5 hens, 1 roo)

    All stock was from Greenfire Farms. Fertility has been confirmed and I have too many chicks, husband said no more hatching! Sorry for the poor Tolbunt photos, the hens were already in the coop for the night.

    Each egg is rolled in bubble wrap, placed in a box with peanuts so they stay pointy side down. That box is packed in a larger box and taken to the post office. I take super care in packing and promise to send fresh, clean eggs.
    NO international shipping, US only!

    *Paypal due IMMEDIATELY after auction ends please- eChecks will delay shipping until funds clear- but you still get the same eggs- please use funds that clear immediately!

    Please leave feedback based upon the eggs you receive. I am not responsible for postal handling/weather and how it can affect the eggs, and I have no control over your incubation. NO refunds. I sell under samwolff on eBay and have 100% positive feedback.

    We are a TX registered, PT tested Negative flock under NPIP, paperwork will be included.
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    Sold! Both sets, please.
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    Mar 25, 2012

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