Last minute Stocking Stuffers! Real Raw Milk SOAPS

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    Been making soaps since 1999. These are not you're ordinary milk soaps. It took 2 years of tweaking soap recipes to be satisfied. I still experiment with soap recipes and still come back to this one!

    Loved by Teens, Men and Women. Used as face, body, shaving soap and shampoo (not recommended for color treated hair)

    $6 for 4 oz bar (this includes shipping cost)

    BYC Special! 5 bars for $25 (including shipping!)

    Mother Earth (patchouli, sweet orange, Cedar Wood, Balsam Peru)

    Patchouli Patchouli was the scent of the 60's. Very heavy and earthy. It's one of those scents folks either love or hate.

    Rose Patch (old English rose and patchouli) Very complementary. The Patchouli grounds the rose scent while the Rose sweetens the Patch

    Dragon's Blood (unisex scent) Another one of the heavier, musky scents. Folks love or hate it. Here's what the supplier has to say about it:
    Exotic, haunting, and mysterious are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing this extremely sophisticated and very complex fragrance. It's moody, warm and very appealing with touches of amber, incense and a tiny hint of patchouli making the layering of this fragrance something special. If you are a fan of the more sensual scents such as amber, myrrh, and sandalwood, you'll go wild for Dragons Blood!

    Lavender Lace Just a clean lavender flowers scent. Not the sweeten scent you find at the store, but true lavende

    Stress Relief Another Lavender mix ... Lavender and sage with a touch of Anise and Peppermint. A very calming scent combination

    Euca-Mint (Mint Eucalyptus) My best seller. I have a hard time keeping this one in stock

    Mardi Gras (Lavender Mint) My 2nd best seller

    Oatmeal Milk & Honey (fresh raw milk & honey ... harvested here! ... unscented)

    Honey Almond & Oats Sweet smell of honey and cherrys

    Sunflower complex, yet simple fragrance. Flowery, but not over powering with a good blend that even men like it

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