Last night's Glee

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    If you miss the first 25 minutes you missed some really great stuff--both music and presentation. First it was "Will" set to the Fifth Dimension's /Marilyn McCool's "Bill" Then an awesome version of "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face". Only Roberta Flack has ever done it better IMHO. BTW for those youngsters on here, download Flack's album "Softly With These Songs". Great make-up, break-up or just sitting-alone-in-a-bar-with-a-pocket-full-of-quarters music. She's got a great set of pipes. A lot better than Lea Michele but the way they orchestrated the song as a quartet made up for it--a show stopper.

    BTW, I watch that show more for the music than the pretend teenage angst and often it is worth it.
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    Tell me about... I am a HUGE GLEEK ................ [​IMG]

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