Last puppy left today, too quiet now


12 Years
Aug 11, 2007
Rosie our last puppy left today, now we have no puppies and I miss them so much. I have to say even though they are A LOT of work, it was the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I have gotten emails from Miley and Brawny's new owners who said they are doing great and have not had an accident in the house yet!

Two days ago Rosie developed a bump on her lower eyelid, I thought bug bite at first (it wasn't there when I went to work, was when I got home) but as it didn't grow or shrink any I am not sure what it is. I called the vet, but he said unless it is bothering her , he isn't worried. So when they came to get her today I was half hoping when I told them about it they would be like, Oh well I think we will pass on her then. But they where not worried, said they had an appointment with their vet for tomorrow to do her second set of shots and would have him look at it then. I told them (like I tell them all) if anything comes up and you can't keep her please return her to me) She assured me she would, though said there was nothing that could cause her to give up this puppy. Rosie is a sweetheart, had been my favorite since the beginning, and though ended up a bit skittish to loud noises(she will never make a hunter) She was the calmest and sweetest of the sweet puppies.

So far Annie seems unworried, Do they usually notice ? Morn when the puppies are gone? She had just her and Rosie for over a week now, and she hated to be separate from Rosie , if she was out she wanted out, if Rosie was in she wanted in, etc.

A couple extra pictures I have taken over the last few weeks 8-10 week pictures
Sophie (who left last friday)




Annie with pups

Various pictures including a few with Brawny before he left on Monday the 15th




Aw, that's sad. Kind of nice having things back to normal though, isn't it?

Can I offer a bit of advise? Please please don't tie your dog next to a fence like that. SOOO many dogs have hung themselves by climbing over a fence while chained. A good friend of mine lost her Irish Setter that way. The chain (cable actually) was plenty long enough, but it got hung up so when the dog jumped the fence, there was not enough slack in the cable for her to reach the ground on the other side. she came home from work and found her dog dead. I know how much you love your girl and I'd hate for anything bad to happen to her.
We wanted to keep one, but it just wasn't the right time. I have wavered back and forth the whole time about if this was to be her only litter or not. During her pregnancy and labor I swore it would be the last one, but taking care of the puppies and watching them go off to their new homes, I think I would LOVE to do this all again. Perhaps next fall we will have another litter, and keep one for ourselves.
Just haven't decided yet.

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