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    Mar 21, 2010
    Hi! I have 7 hens which I got this past March. Two of them are production reds, sisters. One has been laying for almost a month. The other one still has a brownish face, pinkish little comb, and almost no waddles and hasn't laid yet. Is this normal or could she have a low hormone level or just not be ready yet? THANKS!

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    I am in the same boat as you. [​IMG]

    I purchased 3 Production Reds the end of March as 2 day old chicks. 1 of them matured so fast, I really thought she was a "he". Large comb and huge wattles came really fast. Until I saw her lay an egg, I was convinced I had a Rooster. The other 2 are slower and are just now turning a rosy red in the wattles and comb. They have not layed yet. [​IMG]

    I also purchased 3 Australopes, and 3 Black sex-Links. They all are maturing and laying at different rates.

    I believe they just are a bit slower. Give it some time, they'll start laying before you know it. [​IMG]

    HTH, Lisa

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