Late but, Halloween photos

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    May 8, 2008
    My little chicken. Sick, as always on Halloween. Her birthday was the day before. And her party the next day. Poor kid was SO worn out.

    We hurriedly put together Halloween this year.
    Harder now since I work during the week. We didnt do what had been planned since there was no way to get it all done by dark. So the dh improvised. Used the reed fencing we had in the back yard for the summer. Bought some more skeleton's etc at BigLots(on sale) and I got the tiki torches out and lit em up. Not as detailed as usual, but we were SO rushed this year. We have already begun with next years decorations. More simplistic. But more detailed. However more carving will be involved which killed my hand this year. So I am looking at foam pumpkins and battery operated lights for the majority of the work.




    And a starting theme for next year

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    Co0l pictures. Who cares if they are late!
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    The costume came out really nice...

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