Late chicks hatching day 23, bleeding

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  1. thatduckguyy

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    Jul 25, 2011
    Alright so its day 23 up to this day there has been no movement no internal pips nothing at all.
    We decided to take the shell off one once we did made a small hole in the thin layer behind the shell cant remember what its called sorry. It started to bleed and we heard chirping! So we put it back in teh incubator with some damp papertowels around it. its a little blood not alot. So while we were putting ti back in my friend was hodling one it started hatching in his hand! so we put them all back in we noticed that the one that pipped through the wrong end (the pointyend). tehya re cheeping away wiggling but there is no progress i am planning on wait a few hours to start helping but what do you think? here are some pics!


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