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The chicks in my classroom were supposed to hatch on Thursday, June 4th but didn't start until saturday. Three hatched on saturday and sunday but two died. today is Tuesday and the eggs that didnt hatch are still alive because i candeled them. right now there is one chick by herself. is there any hope in the other eggs hatching on their own? can i help them? how? will the other chick be okay if he is raised by humans and no other chicks? i really want these chicks to hatch since they are in my classroom and i had to go through a lot of work to get permission from my boss.

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I had one last week hatch a full 2 days late on its own and is fine and a week old now

Just a late Bloomer I guess
As far as I know, you shouldn't try and help until there is some sign that they have started to hatch on their own. I'm not an expert, but I've heard that if the egg is totally whole without any pipping then you just have to wait it out. But I have also had chicks hatch very late, so don't give up hope!

If they don't make it, I would try and buy a chick at your local feed store to keep the other one company. Good luck!
if you candled and seen movement, there is still hope for the little chicky

and low temp from what I have herd can delay hatching
Yes it's too late the damage is already done. I would definately raise it before i tried another batch. There is really not much you can do now even if you got one out it would be deformed and most likley die. I would pull the plug.

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