Late day 17/Early 18

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    So I have 6 RIR eggs in a small table top, relatively cheap incubator (I have to turn and monitor humidity/temp myself - no biggie), but since I put them in after lunch to begin their incubation, today after lunch would have been the start of day 18 - Lockdown. So, this morning when I woke up around 7 I decided to get a head start on regulating the increase in humidity and get the eggs one last turn for the beginning of lockdown. In those 6 eggs were 2 smaller, oddly shaped eggs (tiny ovals) and when I turned one of those I noticed it had already started a pip - just a little line, not a huge breakthrough, but an attempt none the less. My question is - have I disrupted the Lockdown? I felt as though I was getting a head start on it, but I have noticed that bantams (I'm guessing this egg is from some sort of RIR bantam or bantam mix) hatch early. Should I turn the "pip" side back down - does it matter that it's now facing up? Or am I overthinking it and leave it alone and the chick will find it's way out? Basically the pip was down and when I turned it is when I noticed it b/c it's facing up now. When all 6 eggs were good to go after candling saturday morning I was pumped - but now the pressure is on to get them all out ok!
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    Following. :)
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    The pip will be fine, up or down, just continue lockdown as normal....turn up the humidity, stop turning, sit on your hands and enjoy your hatch!!!!
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    Thank you!

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