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    Aug 7, 2007
    near ottawa ontario
    This is my first hatch this year.I had 2 incubators. when the eggs were 1 and half weeks old, I tranfered them over to a bigger incubator that i bought. SO far i had a early bird hatch one day before everyone else. I had about another 12 hatch on the same day. But now i have about another 10 or so. NOt hatched. They are all good that i know of. These are rir. So hard to candle. I do know some can be late ones. But how long should i wait ?(days)no pipping or rocking ect.
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    It won't hurt to give them another day or at least 12 hours. What day is it, technically?
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    Hi there!
    I have had 4 hatches this year and MANY last year. Anyways I am having the same problem with my own eggs not hatching this batch. I am on day 24, and my first one pipped today. I consulted a lady about it and she said that my temp was too low. I have did what the instructions said and measured the temp from the top of the egg. Now I am measuring from the middle and like I said, today one FINALLY pipped! Best of luck to you.

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