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Apr 28, 2008
i have 5 ee girls. one started to lay about a week ago and the egg was a tan colored egg. then another caught on and lays green eggs. they lay abouth every other day. they are all about 35 weeks old. is this normal or maybe i was told wrong birth date. ian very confused.
35 weeks does seem a little late. I have one EE that started laying at 22 wks, but her sister is 25 weeks and still isn't laying, so who knows!
2 options- 1 the hatch date was wrong, which happens!

2- the shorter fall days have added a few weeks to the time they were ready.


I had 2 EEs that started to lay well past 32 weeks. They are now about 1 1/2 yrs. old, and they both lay Jumbo eggs. So, I think it does happen.

Also, if they were slow to grow, they'd take longer to lay. Case in point: I have an Ameraucana with a severe crossbeak. She is 43 weeks old, and laid her first egg this past week. I'm reasonably sure it's because she grew very, very slowly, since she had to work so hard to eat.

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