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    Last night at dusk, I carried each of the 7 feathered-out chicks from their coop-like "brooder" on the back porch to the new, grow out coop w/attached pen. I finished putting it together that late, but didn't want to delay moving them from the rather crowded quarters in which they'd been living for the past 3 weeks. They cheeped a bit at the strangeness, but it was dark in the coop and they'd started to settle for the night, anyway.

    Let 'em out into the attached run (just for their new coop) this morning and they were on display for the rest of the flock to check out with great interest. They had company ALL day long. (Today was one of my days off so I could check on them frequently.)

    The rest of the flock ranges freely all day long and puts themselves to roost at night. I just go around and lock up their coops and check on 'em.

    The kids enjoyed the space on the ground to make more and better dust-bath depressions. Lots of other chickens of all different sizes and colors and breeds and ages to look at as they deliberately walked all the way around their coop & pen. Carl, the dominant rooster, was intensely interested in the newcomers. So were the little Sebright roos, who spent a whole lot of time crowing around the coop o' chicks.

    As dusk approached, the flock members made their individual ways back to their respective coops. The 7 youngsters crowded together at the bottom of the ramp and huddled in a corner, peeping like babies.

    So I went to their rescue and put them up into the coop, trying to keep each one from coming right back out again. By the time 5 of them were inside, they stopped trying to come back out the pop door.

    I think it's too dark in their new coop. Kinda scary to be pushed into it, or to consider going in all by one's little feathered lonesome. Chickens are, wellll..... chicken. I may have to put a string of solar lights up just inside the roof, with the collector in the sun, so they can see into the coop a little bit.

    They'll be sequestered in that "facility" (coop and attached run) for a few weeks before I let them join the rest of the flock. Everybody will know everybody else by then, and they won't be stranger chickens trying to barge into Carl's Big Flock.

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    I'm still trying to intergrate my teenagers with the adult flock, but so far my roo is keeping his hens far away from these young upstarts.

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