Latest jumbo egg another double-yoker.

Ken H

10 Years
May 21, 2009
The last 3oz. + egg was another double joker. I am going to have to identify her. I would like to get her bred to a Brown roo to try to carry on that trait. Here's a picture of the double yoker compared to a normal large egg. The smaller egg is 2.1 oz.

I've got one that lays those too. I'm not sure which of my girls it is, but she lays about every other day and it's a huge double yolker. She's been laying for about a month now. Hope it continues. The other two still lay soft and/or weird shaped lumpy ones.
I have a red sex link that lays a jumbo double yolker two. One was so big I actually was a little worried it might injure her. But all mine are still doing fine. I want to single mine out too. I thought about confining each hen at different times to try to find out the one doing this. I wonder if that would stress them out and cause no egg laying in the morning. I am going to eventually sell some of my hens but want to keep me jumbo double yolker girl. Any ideas how to do this?
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