Latest Sewing Project - Alice in Wonderland Costume Design (many pics)

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    I didn't want to post these gazillion pictures on the sewing thread and make the poor peeps with dial up cry [​IMG]

    These costumes have taken over my life for the past month or so. It was fun, and always is, but I am glad to have it over. Short run theater is quick and dirty sewing, the idea is for it to stay together for the 10 showings without a lot of damage. There is much velcro involved and slapped together construction (usually no patterns, you just go for it). Sometimes you can luck out and find usable pieces in the theater costume room, but inevitably there is a lot of construction to do for a such a specific production. Budgets are pretty tiny, too, so you have to make do with what you find on sale and reuse/adapt wherever possible. My favorites are the king/queen/knave of hearts and the catepillar (whose extra arms move with her real ones), they're sparkly [​IMG]

    These were modeled after the original illustrations. I'm now working on making something really tailored and fussy for myself, slap together construction no more!

    I blurred out the faces in these pics as they aren't my kids.







  2. [​IMG] Just LOVELY!
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    Great Job! They don't look "slap together" in the pics.
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    You did an amazing job! Those look wonderful!!! [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] What a wonderful job you did. I imagine the play was truly fun...especially when the costumes are spot on!

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