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    love the irony here... they went into JC Penneys and stole undies, etc and stuck them into a Walmart bag.

    But what peeves me, these three women have 10 kids between them, they took SIX of them... eldest 3 years old, with them to do this... knowing that if caught they'd be arrested... did they ever stop to think that if they were arrested and couldn't reach a relative that these kids would be taken into state custody?!

    No decent mother would risk putting her child through that... and they have TEN kids depending on them... frightening thought.

    That of course doesn't include the totally insane fact that they're teaching their kids to be thieves from the cradle!

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    As much as I hate to say it, it doesn't surprise me anymore. I hope their children get taken from them indefinitely. Teaching children that it is okay to live that way and to steal from people who work hard and earn their money is not a home that any child should be living in.

    That being said...I like to listen to the people screaming in the security office "It was just a pop! OMG! You're sending me to jail over a pop?!"

    *Insert screaming, wailing, tearing up and slamming things around while they're throwing their temper tantrum like a seasoned 2-year old."
  3. ^RIGHT!!

    Yeah, it was JUST a pop... just a 75c pop... you could have looked in your couch cushions and paid for it... you could have had water instead... you CHOSE to come in here and steal... it wasn't OUR choice for you to do that, it was YOURS... and now we make the choice to follow the LAW and have you arrested for it.


    Sis has that same sort of attitude... she'll go on and on about 'how dare that cop give me a no insurance ticket!" when in reality she should be thanking her lucky stars that he didn't haul her in on her warrants... and he didn't tow her car because of that no insurance (some cities it's the cop's call)... and he didn't add a ticket for speeding... or for your inspection being out... but yeah, hey let's whine that you got one ticket and were allowed to drive away.

    That's passed, so no comments on that incident can effect the outcome... but there are others... ones pending... ones done but never caught... that I won't comment on... and it's all the same attitude.

    Of course she recently got approved for SS Disability... and now she's walking around saying "I'm on my way now. No more depending on family... yada"... She doesn't SEEM to have a clue where that check is coming from... your check, DH's check, her BF's check... she's taking a little bit from EVERYONE around her that has a job... she's the epitome of "I Got Mine"

    [​IMG] Rather disgusted with the whole situation... and the fact that it seems to be contagious.

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