Laughing Chickens of Indonesia


7 Years
Jan 26, 2012
I got to go to Indonesia couple weeks back. I live in Thailand so it wasn't that big trip. I was able to bring back some laughing chicken eggs. I can't tell you how impressed I am with these chicks they are so strong they all hatched within two hours of each other.
Here is a YouTube on what they end up looking like an sounding like.

Oh my gosh, I want them! The chicks are so cute. I wish you hadn't shown me that, lol - I don't foresee them making it to the US any time soon, sigh.
They sound pretty cool! I definitely would get one if I ever saw one.
OMG! That is so....different. Oh, great, now my Yellow Head Amazon is doing it....the neighbors will love it!
As usual I watched several videos on youtube. (Youtube is dangerous, I rarely can leave the site after just one video. Some of those laughing chickens can go on and on and sound even more like they are laughing. Check it out:

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