Laughing dove male sitting on diamond dove eggs

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    Hi there.

    I have a male Laughing dove in an aviary with about 15 Diamond doves. Today i noticed that the Laughing dove was sitting on the Diamond dove nest.

    He continued to sit until a wild dove distracted him.

    The Diamond dove returned to her nest and sat on the egg but once again the Laughing dove pushed the Diamond dove off her nest ever so politely; very eager to sit on the egg.

    So my question is as such.

    Would the hatching process be complicated with the Laughing dove constantly pushing the actual parents off the nest?

    The Laughing dove has been good with the other Diamonds born in the aviary but had never sat on a nest before.
    I've attempted to find him a mate, but even purchased doves all turned out to be males and thus gifted to friends and family.

    I tried giving him a nest of his own with a quail egg but he seems to favor the nest with the Diamond egg for some unknown reason.

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    Oct 24, 2009
    If you want the diamond doves to hatch out and rear their chicks, it's going to be best to remove the laughing dove and put him in a cage until the doves have finished. The laughing dove will disturb the diamond dove parents too much.. and probably will step on and kill the hatched diamond dove squab (as his is much bigger than the diamond doves).

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