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    This actually happened to my son-in-law last summer. He went in to get a haircut, and he said when he went in, he immediately smelled something that just about turned his stomach.[​IMG] He was getting his hair cut, and there were several other people in there, either working or also getting their hair cut.. The smell was so bad, he said he felt like vomiting. He wondered what was wrong with everyone else - nobody said a word about it. Couldn't they smell it? That would be hard to believe, since it was so ghastly. Finally his haircut was finished, and it was pretty much a race to the door to get out of there.

    He got in his car, and started it. But he could still smell that awful odor. He got out of his car, and noticed that he had stepped in doggy poop. When he got in his car, he had spread it all over his carpeting. He hasn't been back to that barber shop since.

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    Oh MAN... and the whole time blaming the shop on top of ruining your shoes and car carpet.

    That would be an epic fail on the Good Day-O-Meter.
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    Too funny!

    Laughter has gotten me through 2 go-rounds of Breast Cancer
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    Busted a stink bomb walking in then door of a movie store once. Friend of mine was hitting on a girl behind the counter when the smell hit them. The look she gave him made him think she thought the smell was him so her ratted me out......

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