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    Apr 18, 2011
    Ok. So I am still fairly new to trying to hatch eggs in an incubator. I have read up so much on hatching and incubating and whatnot and tried different things, but I am having NO luck. So maybe I am missing something else.

    I just finished another batch with no success. This time I tried half of my own and three different batches of eggs from different sources, I got off ebay. I figured that at least one should hatch from one of us!

    This time I tried the dry method that was discussed here on byc. I candled at about 8 days and all looked fertile and good except for maybe two. (taking into consideration I am still new at this). The temperature has remained steady and humidity was at 70% from day 18 at which time I took out the automatic turner. I read that I was supposed to just leave them alone from this point and just watch the humidity and temp. Today is the 24th which is also day 24. I candled some of them last night and it looks like most developed and just stopped at a certain point.

    Does it have to do with the humidity going up too fast at the end or ?

    Also, I do have the incubator in the laundry room because that is the only place in the house that maintains a reasonably consistent temp. My dryer screeches like crazy when it runs and the incubator does always have a constant hum from the fan. Not sure about blaming the noise but I thought I would just throw those in there for thought!

    Help! I feel like a moron!

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    Where is the incubator? On top of the dryer? maybe the shaking disturbed the eggs?
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    I had the same problem when I started out. Then someone wise came me some very good advice...... Follow the instructions that came with the incubator. After you learn you can try other ways. Give it a try. Good luck, Michele

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