Lav over Lav = BLUE?? Help, please!

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    Apr 10, 2011
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    I have only a basic knowledge of the BBS genetics, and this has me stumped. I bred my Lavender Ameraucana rooster over LA hens, an EE hen, a PBR hen, and a SLW hen. The results were as expected, except for one.

    One of the chicks (out of a blue egg), was blue. Not a dark lavender, blue. Initially, I thought this meant the hen was my EE, because she was blue as a chick. However, at 3 weeks, she was decidedly brassy blond. The chick continues blue, and he is now 8 weeks.

    Is it possible I bred Lav to Lav and got Blue? If so, what would happen if I were to breed the Blue back to Lav? I need another cockerel like a hole in the head, but I'm curious now. Does this look like an 8-week old Blue Ameraucana cockerel?

    Here he is today, at left, next to one of the Lavs.



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