Lavendar Marans with Scissor Beak

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    Sep 21, 2014
    One of my lavendar marans started showing a scissor beak last week, at 3 weeks. This week it looks worse. So my questions are:
    Or is this a chick that needs to be culled? I don't have enough experience to tell whether this is a livable cross or not. The chick can drink well, but I'm not sure how much food it's getting.

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    Poor thing. There's no real remedy for that. It's actually a deformity of the skull, and it often gets worse as they grow. One thing you can do t make sure the chick eats is provide it with a deep dish of food, so that it can scoop the crumbles into it's mouth. I believe people do cull in this case, because often the bird just can't get enough food, and they become thin, because they're starving. Very sad, but the humane thing to do, in my humble opinion.
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