Lavender Ameraucana Hatching Eggs


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
One dozen Lavender Ameraucana Hatching Eggs. Just paired my lavenders up two weeks ago and the hens are laying well. I will have hatching eggs available for the next 4 weeks or so until I switch my pens over. I will likely have chicks available in another 3 weeks for pickup if anyone is interested. Shipping is included in the price listed. First batch of eggs will be available early next week. The birds in the picture are the actual birds you will be getting eggs from and the eggs pictured in this listing were collected this morning and represent what you will receive. Quality of my stock is solid and consistently produces nice birds. As with all lavender ameraucanas, they are still a work in progress but these will produce offspring of good type and size, muffs and beards are nice, feather color is a nice light lavender color, legs a beautiful slate, eye color is a little light for me but still in the acceptable range. Ears are a bright red. Egg color is ok with current generation showing some additional improvement. Tail angle of my cock bird is a little high in my estimation but still not too bad. Overall these birds are a solid starting point for anyone looking to get foundation stock.

I also have a very limited supply of Univ of Arkansas blue egg layers (production layers) x Black copper marans for olive eggers. All the olive egger chicks will be clean faced and blue colored. Please feel free to PM me with any questions
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