Lavender Ameraucanas?


12 Years
Feb 14, 2010
Benton, Arkansas
I went to the site and looked at the different colors and Lavender wasn't listed.

Did my daughter get taken when she bought Lavendar Ameraucana eggs? I think she only bought four or six eggs; all but one hen (blue) and one roo (two tone blue/black and gorgeous) died at a very young age.

We've been saving eggs up from the one pair and so far, have six "teenagers" almost six weeks old and two three week olds. Along with those, four hatched today and we may get four more tomorrow.

We've gotten some interesting colors, with one very black one, several blues and some off whites, but nothing I would call lavender!

So, I'm back to my original question . . . are there really Lavender Ameraucanas? Every egg we've gotten from our hen is a very pretty blue.

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