Lavender Americanos pullets eye-popping out

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  1. cclele

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    Jul 11, 2016
    Her eye has been popping out and white for about a week now. It seams to be popping out a little more there is no pus. Just swollen! I have no clue what to do. She seems to be acting fine eating and drinking normally it's just her eye is sticking out . Can some please help me!

  2. Wyorp Rock

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    Sep 20, 2015
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    Welcome to BYC.

    That looks like pus.

    Flush the eye with saline and try working the pus out with your qtips, try to get it all out.
    You can apply Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment in the eyes.

    Does she have any other signs of respiratory infection, trouble breathing, coughing, sneezing, runny nose?

    Offer her some poultry vitamins in her water and keep her warm. If it doesn't clear up you may need to get some antibiotics for her water.
  3. ramsburgchicken

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    Jan 15, 2016
    Take to an avian vet asap. No guessing of diagnosis or treatment and it will save time and possibly this chicks eye sight.

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