Lavender Jersey Giant project eggs- 6+

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    I decided to start a thousand projects using the Lavender gene and various breeds I have around... I have lovely Jersey Giant hens in with one of my Lavender Orp roos because I thought it would be fun to make Lavender Jerseys. Unfortunately, I am only allowed 15 project pens at a time under threat of divorce and disen-friendship (many of my breeders are on a friend's farm I work from daily) so I'm selling the eggs so someone else can proceed with this endeavor.

    The Lavender stock are here:

    Guitartists' fabulous Punnett square of how splits work:

    The offspring will all be 1/2 Lavender Orp and 1/2 Black JG, so Splits for Lavender, but having qualities of both breeds. You'll want to select for JG qualities.

    I'll have at least 8 eggs ready to go for shipping out Tuesday. I'll send as many extras as are laid.
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    Can I see pictures of your Jersey Giant hens in this project? Where did your JG stock originate?

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