Lavender or Blue?

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    Apr 27, 2010
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    I have one chick who's a pale-ish blue with a yellow chest. Lavender or blue? I found another dead chick with the same coloration. No idea as to who's the parents, a lady here gave me a beautiful blue broody and ten eggs. From which of her chickens they came, I have no clue! [​IMG]

    All the lavenders I've seen on the webs are solid, light/medium blue. Either way, I'm half hoping it's a pullet, so I can put her with my possibly split-for-Lavender Marans rooster. But I'm also half hoping it's a cockerel, so I can put him with my big blue broody! [​IMG]
    Crossing my fingers that it turns out two pullets and a cockerel, or three pullets...anything but three cockerels, I'd like to keep them all xD

    I didn't want to mess around with them too much, but I do have what would appears to be a solid black, and another black and yellow that looks kinda like this (at least from memory, I was more concerned about their well being then color):

    my first hatch, what can I say? [​IMG]

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