Lavender Orpington Chicks & 1 Blue Orpington Chick - Born April 20 - May13

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    May 12, 2016
    Ok.. I've been meaning to do photos of them as older chicks for awhile now. I feel like it's easier to tell if they are cockerels or pullets but I'm still not TOTALLY sure and I'd love if someone with more expertise could give their opinion. I'm newer to chicks and this has been so fun! I adore each of them. Each of my children (4) plus my spouse and myself have a designated chick to name as that was the children's idea.. however now that they are older I'm pretty sure we'll have to get rid of all but one rooster. My flock is too small to have multiple roosters right? Even if they grew up together? They have this coop but also spend a lot of the day running around our fenced in yard (privacy fence) with the cavalier king charles which has in the past forced us to add borders around the bottom of the fence.. so no escapes or unwanted guests have been coming around.

    Anyway.. I'm curious about the above and for your comments on if you believe they are hens or roosters AND can anyone tell me why "Kewpie's" feathers are like this? They've been like this since she was a tiny chick.. her only feathers she had were curly odd like this.. Just curious..

    Also the ages:
    Clucker was born April 20
    Neko, Pika, Kewpie and Sprinkle: May 3
    Sissy: May 12

    I noticed that although I'm pretty sure Pikachu is a rooster.. that Sissy has really fancy leg ruffles (he's the blurry one standing in the second photo of Kewpie) and they both look quite different. Pika has a full chest like a hen it looks and Sissy is more space and upright more like I'd imagine a rooster..




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    Sep 29, 2014
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    I'd say two of your lavender are boys but the rest look like pullets. You could post on the 'Lavender Orpington Thread' - there's a post on the last page of chicks at 6 weeks old and the difference between boys and girls.

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