Lavender Orpington gender (+ Gratuitous chick pics)


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
Vancouver Island
These are six-week-old Lavender Orpington chicks. The breeder was pretty sure they are both pullets but couldn't guarantee it. I have absolutely no idea how to tell, even after reading lots of threads here (though it sure is fun to see all the chick pictures!). Anyone want to venture a guess? I know it's too early to tell for sure, but just for fun.

LO 1

LO 2

Is it okay to share pics of the rest of my chicks? These ones were apparently feather sexed and should be pullets, though reading here now I see that that is not always very accurate. They're only two weeks old so still have a while to go to know for sure.

Dorking x

This one was from a mixed flock, but has extra toes so the breeder said she must be Dorking x.

(Stupid question of the day: Is it okay to hold them upside down like that?)

EE 1

EE 2 - This one is my three year old's favourite, so I hope she is a pullet.
She's standing a bit funny because my daughter had just poked her.

could go wither way on the orps, but seems awful thick legs for 6 weeks...might have to put my vote in for boys.....check back in a couple weeks!

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