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May 18, 2016
My broody hatch 4 lavender Orpington chicks for me. One I know is a cockerel and one I know is a pullet. The third is confusing me. She/he has feathered slow, but is small bodied and small legs, has a small comb and wattles but recently I'm noticing red below the feather in her/his face. Any Orpington experts want to tell me what I've got?
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Don't give up hope just yet. Here's our little blue girl at a month old, and again at 6 weeks. As you can see (and like you) I was a little concerned but her comb and wattles have not changed in the last three weeks (she's almost 7 weeks old now and they still look the same). She too has tiny feet and delicate legs. Our boys all have huge combs and wattles (and tree trunks for legs), our other three girls all look like this girl. If those wattles drop before 12 weeks then you can be sure its a boy but I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I'm with RavynFallen & done, cockerel but like JaeG I've had Orpingtons & they are slow developing.
Comb/wattle & slow feathering makes me side with cockerel. However JaeG is right, it all depends on the age too, how old is yours?
They are 6 weeks. A lot could change in the next couple of weeks. If cockerel, how do you decide which one to keep?
Do let us know what it turns out to be as it could be of help to someone else searching for answers. You could post it on the 'Lavender Orpington Thread' (not the one with a ! at the end of the thread title) for more opinions or on page 166 on that thread someone has posted their birds at 6 weeks old showing comb and wattle development. They could advise you on which boy to keep if you end up with more than one as well.

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