Lavender Orpington Trios and Pairs

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    Feb 28, 2012

    These beautiful birds are very hard to find especially ones that look this good.

    I only have a limited number of these so get them while you can.

    Normally Lavender Orpingtons that look this good go for $100 or more per pair and trio.

    I am selling them for:
    $65 per pair (1 rooster, 1 pullet)
    $75 per trio (1 rooster, 2 pullets)

    The only reason I am selling them that cheap is because I need them gone to make room for my other chickens.

    These birds will make excellent show birds at the fair this year and for years to come. They would be a wonderful addition for any 4-H student or just for fun to add some color to your coop.

    The birds I am selling are six months old and are just about to start laying!

    They will lay Large - XL light brown eggs. and about 180-200 eggs per year

    I only have 2 trios and 1 pair available! They won't last long, get them while they are still here!

    Here is my website for more info and pictures

    We are certified NPIP disease-free breeders in the state of TN. NPIP # 63-460
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    will you ship?

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