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    a fellow BYC-er gave me a lavender orpington cockerel and I noticed his comb and face seem awfully pale, almost white, is this normal? He otherwise is a happy healthy and spunky little guy. Can anyone else post pictures of their lav orps so I can get a better idea of how he should look? He is only about a month old

    Thanks! I have tried getting a pic of him but hes a crazy little guy who doesnt sit still for more than a second. [​IMG]
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    his comb may be pale for a few more months. you could check him for mites, in case he is getting anemic from them, and feel his breast bone to see if he has sufficient muscling around it. Worms could be stressing him from the inside. Hope he does well. Post pics when you can. Also, check him for signs of coccidia, another way then can lose blood.
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    I have DE in the coop and hes constantly scratching, and pecking around so I know he has ingested some...I tried to catch him tonight to check his breast bone but he had different ideas. Hes like the rode runner...super fast! lol

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