Lavender Poulet Chalet


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013

Spent the last month working on this chicken coop. We built most of it in my grandpa's garage. Over a month, spent about 24 hours, getting it all fixed up.

After the first couple days, we had this. The footprint is 4' by 10'.

After most of the woodwork was done and we had painted it, we hauled it to my house and my husband, friend, and I put on the wire and metal roof.

There is also a wire 'apron' under all the mulch to discourage critters from digging in. Here's the back side:

And the end that's the best place to sit to watch 'chicken tv'.

The inside of the coop has a couple roosts, access to the nest boxes, and currently a heat lamp as they are still acclimating to being outside.The floor is a sheet metal tray that completely pulls out and sits on the slats you see in the second pic.

The nest box roof hinges up to reveal three compartments, one of which is a toolbox area. The screen door, you can see with the diagonal support below, folds all the way open allowing me to get a rake all the way inside.

All in all it's an upgrade from their brooder in my spare room.

Oh the dust.... avoid having chickens in your house....

This project was pretty affordable as ALL the wood was 'leftovers' from my grandpa. THANK YOU GRANDPA! That saved a bundle. I had to buy the wire, roof, paint, hinges. Less than $200. The 'poulet chalet' is home to 3 Americaunas, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 California White.

This is Queso. She's the HBIC.

I'm going to trim it in some white paint and decorate the doors in some way. Then I just have to sit and wait for a few months for the eggs to start arriving.

I took all my coop inspiration from you guys, especially this green one from kfisher123.

I learned so much from here. I knew nothing about chickens when I started this two months ago and there hasn't been a single question I've had that hadn't already answered. Thank you everyone!
Nicely done. You've got a great grandfather!
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