Lavender roo and buff orpington hens?

buffs only

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Apr 4, 2011
Conyers Georgia
I have 32 buff orp hens that I got from McMurray seven weeks ago, they gave me one free mystery chick that has turned out to be a lavender orp rooster. If I were to try to hatch some eggs what would the offspring look like?

Buffs only

If he REALLY is a Lavender Orp, which, since when did any big hatchery have them? - Then him and a bunch of Buffs would make a bunch of black and brown splotchy looking "mutt" type colored Orpingtons. Their body type also would be terrible, I have to tell you, because hatchery Buff Orpingtons are far from the standard, and most Lavender Orpingtons are amazingly even farther.

But, if you're just looking for some hardy good egg layers, you'll get 'em.
Although technically not Porcelain in color.
(isabel spangled)

Are you sure it isn't a Blue Orpington, or something of the likes?

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