lavender Silkie chicks,EE's, Roos in Pa


11 Years
Jun 28, 2008
Northeast, PA
If anyone is interested I have four free 6 month Roos, a White Rock, Rhode Island Red, and two sex link males that are really pretty. They are all beautiful birds, but these boys do not like being touched . They are hatchery birds, but good looking boys.

I also still have the 3 Lavender Silkie chicks , 6 weeks, gender unknown. They are from Ideal , pet quality type. I also have the two 6 week EE chicks, supposed to be pullets, but I can't tell yet. I would like 2.00 per chick.

Also still available are the two Silkie Roos.
They are about 4 and 5 months old. Good lines, good feathered feet. One is a splash and one blue. Both gorgeous, but the splash has 4 toes on one foot. For a pet you dont notice because he is heavily feathered. I would like 10.00 each for them .

I can post pictures if anyone is interested. The reason for placing them is I already have 4 Roos in the Blue/Splash Silkies.
The younger chicks is because I am interested in raising some nice Ameraucanas, Silkies and Orps, so we decided to place some chicks that were just for our backyard flock. The older boys is because I do not need them and have the roos I need.
I wanted to add that I am near Hazleton, Pa and can meet anyone interested in several nearby locations.

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11 Years
Jan 31, 2008
I'm interested in the lavender silkies. My lavender pullet just passed away three days ago. We are going up to Benezette on the 24th, so we might be passing by you.

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