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Dec 16, 2008
Nice NON bearded Lavender silkie pair. Both have vaulted sculls and big crests although presently full of pin feathers. The Cockerel #35 has nice rich color, good type and nice feet and dark skin, the lav pullet #37 has nice foot feathering, dark skin and what will be a very large crest, her feet are nice but she seems to be missing a toe nail on one foot first toe. See previous auctions for parent pics.

I am not certified but I have had a closed flock/s for well over a year now and practice very strict bio security. All of my birds are raised on certified organic feed and using natural organic methods although everyone is vaccinated for Mareks disease as day old chicks and kept isolated for 15 days or so. Contrary to what some believe the vaccination for Mareks for chickens is actually the turkey strain. When introduced to turkey mareks the chick is able to develop a resistance to the chicken mareks if kept isolated from it for 10 days. Vaccinated birds are not carriers and can be kept in a mixed flock with both vaccinated and non vaccinated chickens with no ill effects.

They will ship in a new box express with shredded apples for the journey. I will only ship weather permitting on both ends. I have 24 hour heat pads and will be fixing one to box. I also have shipping waterers and will use one if the express trip will take more than 24 hours for an additional $2.50 if wanted, they are really useful and reusable. I welcome pick ups! Cost of shipping with box is $55.

Pullet #37





Cockerel #35




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