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Mar 19, 2018
Hello everyone! I am new to this site and new to raising chickens. We got four chicks about a month ago from an assortment bin at the hatchery. I think we have figured out the breeds of the others, but can anyone tell me what this little lady’s breed is? Originally we thought Lavender Orpington, but now we aren’t so sure?
Orps have white legs and a single comb, which this one doesn't have.

So, I'm going to check that off the list... but have to defer to the knowledge of the rest of our friends.

Also, Welcome to Back Yard Chickens!!!!
Thank you!!! Wow I wonder what she is? This is exciting. I didn’t even realize she didn’t have a single comb. I thought I had researched so much before getting them but now that I have them I am realizing there is still a lot to learn.
this is my leghorn when she was 5 weeks. See how the comb is upright? she has a single comb. Your little one looks to me to have a rose or pea comb.

This is one of my brahmas at four weeks, see how flat the comb still is at that point?
Ohhhh ok yes. All of the chicks I have are different breeds and half of them seem to have a single comb. Thank you for showing me that! One we are 90% sure is an EE (maybe?) and she also had a flatter comb like this one.
Its a Lavender Orpington. This chick is single combed. And its normal for dark colored Orpingtons "like black, blue, and lavender" to have a dark was over their white legs. You can see the white in the toes and most likely the bottom of the feet. Orpingtons are a slower developing breed, so that's why the comb has changed much as far as growth. On the other end of the spectrum Leghorns are a fast developing breed and show significant comb growth after the first few weeks.

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