Lavender/Split Lavender Ameraucana eggs 1dz , NPI Certified

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    This is a buy it now

    Eggs will ship Saturday March 24, priority mail. Shipping will be calculated based on your zip code, so message me your address if you are buying these. Shipping usually runs $12-$15 depending on location

    All my hens are lavender, and I have roos that are both lavender and split lavender. I raised all the chicks I hatched last year and did not cull until they reached maturity. This let me better assess their quality. I kept only the best for my breeding program. Eggs are dated and labeled as gathered. I pack using the bubble wrap method.

    Stock raised from eggs purchased from BYC Members Happy Mtn and Lamike.

    These are not the actual eggs, this picture was taken last week, but it shows the color of my eggs with and without flash.

    As a bonus, I can add a few Blue Wheaten/Wheaten eggs (stock from Paradise found and Happymtn) I have three on hand now.

    edited to add: if you want eggs, but not this week, just PM me
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