Law on posting eggs?. Pure white polish and tolbunt polish eggs

Are you talking about mailing eggs?
I know in the US, most states dont recuire anything special. Eggs are usually sent express or priority (2-4 days). Maybe you could call your local PO and ask, hopefully someone from the UK will see this and answer for you.
YEs I would like some eggs posted from the us to the uk

And return the favour

Pure white polish.


I found loads or pure white in India lol
I thought there were all kinds of rules on mailing things like plants, eggs, animals to other countries?

I thought this was the huge reason Cream Legbars are crazy expensive in the US, and all over the place common in the UK?

I'd love it if I were wrong though.
I looKed up this. United states postal service

138.3 Eggs

138.31 Restrictions​

Eggs may be sent only by Priority Mail International. See 550 for nonpostal regulations on dried whole eggs.​
138.32 Packaging​

Eggs must be packaged in the following manner:​
  1. Eggs mailed to any country except Canada must be placed in a metal egg container. Eachegg must be packed in cushioning material. The metal egg container must be enclosed in an outer container of wood with cushioning packed between the two containers.​
  2. Eggs mailed to Canada may be packed either as prescribed in 138.32a or in a box of rigid material with a tight–fitting lid. Each egg must be wrapped in protective material and placed on end. Vacant spaces in the box must be filled with packing material to prevent the eggs from striking each other or the box​
So inbox your address I'll send you 6/12 eggs just to try it.
Worst they can do I guess is bin them .? Not sure on that
If you could do the same

If its cheap enough that is

It does say any country
link to those rules

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