Laws against owning ducks??


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8 Years
Aug 22, 2011
I was just wondering... Is there a limit to how many pet ducks you can have in NJ?? I've been looking but I can't find anything!
depends on where you live. you have to check the ordinances on poultry for your municipality. Here in Pville unless you are a farm, there is "0" poultry as pets.
Yes, there are laws and regulations about owning any type of poultry just about everywhere. But, it varies from city to city, county to county. Some places are very lenient and some totally ban all poultry. Check with your city or county about your area.

Generally, ducks are banned from apartments just about everywhere unless they have a special place on the property for them. Homeowners associations also tend to restrict poultry more than what the town or county does.

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