Laws and ordinances in Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL

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    Aug 2, 2011
    Is there an effort being made here to change or protect poultry owners? I had gotten 6 chicks and then the seller had to leave for Thailand
    and asked me to take the rest, for a total of 24. I live on 7/8 of an acre. All through the winter, I brought the chicks in at night and out
    during the day. Finally they were of the size to let run and we fenced in an area for them...they were happy, beautiful, and I was happy.
    Then it turned out that my backyard neighbor, who is 180 feet from where my chickens are, complained and code enforcement came out,
    even though he said he wouldn't have if there had not been a complaint. Finally, the 3 weeks were up and I had to give them up. It was
    raining one day and they wouldn't go into their shelter, they just stood there hunkered down around my feet. I stood there in the rain and
    cried, knowing how hurtful this was going to be for me and for them. On the day, we went out and they had all ready been fed, but ran to
    me to be held and petted and we started catching them and putting them in our large dog crates to take to someone that has 3 acres and
    free ranging chickens. They were so panicked, I cried the whole time...the look they gave was one of shock and confusion. One,
    one of my favorites, when my son picked her up was so hysterical from being chased, she died in his arms. I kept 6 and left behind, they
    all huddled together in fear.

    I cried all the way to make the delivery and cried all the way back home. Today, two weeks later was the first time the ones I kept would
    come to me. I don't want this to ever happen to anyone's lovely pets, again. We have ducks that roam the neighborhood, Egrets that fly
    down from the trees and graze yard to yard looking for grub worms, we have loose rabbits in the neighborhood...the man that owned them died and they let them loose and they have stayed. Yesterday I saw two loose hens that are scrawny, not being properly fed, but
    loose in the area and yet I was targeted by a mean spirited neighbor who not only reported my chickens, she reported my neighbor right
    next to me who said he didn't even know I had chickens and he didn't care if I kept them all! Now, I'm trying my best to keep these six
    hens hidden, creating barriers with bird cages in addition to the fence and potted plants in front of their fence, plus firewood for the fire
    place. What is being done in my community to change the view that chickens are a nuisance when they are so wonderful? Does anyone
    know? Thanks name is Sandie
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    awwww sorry Sandie [​IMG] I know how you feel! My chickens are in my garage (with a/c) have to add that so that peeps dont accuse me of animal cruelty. HUGE fight down here in lee county! nasty people spreading rumors about chickens and stealing our petitions ....not nice at all. i am looking for property in ocala. This is my first ever home ownership and i cant wait to leave.
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    Mar 24, 2011
    Ocala, Florida.
    stupid ordinances "
    Sec. 19-76. - Farm animals.

    It is unlawful for any person to keep, harbor or maintain any farm animal, except under the following conditions:

    Animals must be kept within an enclosed area which is a minimum of two hundred (200) feet from any dwelling on an adjoining parcel of land in separate ownership.

    Land requirements per animal shall be as follows:

    Horses, cattle or swine: One (1) acre for each animal;

    Sheep or goats: One-half (½) acre for each animal;

    Fowl: Five thousand (5,000) square feet of land for each five (5) fowl or fraction thereof;

    Bees: Ten thousand (10,000) square feet per hive.

    Above land requirements are the gross area of premises harboring such animals and include areas used by the resident for residential or other purposes, in addition to the keeping of animals.

    The police department is exempted from the provisions of this section and is specifically authorized and empowered to keep, harbor and maintain horses within the corporate limits of the city.
    " arrrgh!
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    I am so sorry for your troubles [​IMG] Busybody neighbors are really mean. What do they care anyway, grrrr.

    I see this is your first post [​IMG] You will find plenty of folks here that share your love of chickens and can sympathize when things are bad.

    I read about a case years ago where a guy sold hand tied flies out of his home. Apparently that type of business wasn't allowed and a neighbor complained and had him shut down. He looked in to what was allowed and discovered he could raise pigs! He proceeded to get as many pigs as was allowed. Not that I am suggesting you raise pigs or anything, but I would be inclined to put my manure pile at the back of my property, maybe 180 feet from where my chickens were....
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    Basically, the Tampa ordinance is what it is. In Hillsborough, where there is no firm ordinance, it all comes down to whether or not your chicken activities have become an annoyance so great that it keeps your neighbor from the "peaceful enjoyment of their property." A few chickens, 180' from someone's home or patio, would not constitute an abridgment of someones ability to enjoy their property. You can get more chickens and fight this at a Code Enforcement Hearing. You would probably win. I AM NOT A LAWYER, but I have taken a couple of law classes in college and am pretty good at it. My philosophy is to never back down if the point is a gray area. The code enforcement guy had to do his job, but s/he is not the final word, ever. Take it to appeal and if you take some video or pix, and then maybe get a statement from your neighbors that they don't find it annoying and they are closer than the other neighbor, then you have a strong chance of winning. The problem these days is that the bad people who like to fight are running all over the good people who don't like to fight. Time to man up, people. No reason why confrontational anti-social personalities should rule, unless you let them.
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    Looks like a lot of old posts are ended up bumped and its a little confusing.

    Even though this original post is from last year I'll respond. [​IMG]

    There IS an ordinance against having chickens in Unincorporated Hillsborough County. I've been unfortunate enough to find that out. You cannot have things that are classified as "farm animals" on residentially zoned property.

    I've started a petition:

    and a FB group:

    I am currently waiting to hear back from Gene Boles, Director, Development Services Department.

    I spoke to a Sr. Planner who told me that they actually had started to write an amendment that would address backyard chickens etc but that backyard Bee Keeping took over the whole thing and the chickens got left at the wayside.

    Now I think if we can keep backyard beehives (something that could be deadly to neighbors with allergies) we should certainly be able to keep harmless chickens!
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    old thread oops
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    Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2011 9:44 AM
    To: Sandra Y Griffin

    'sandy can we come over and play with them a bit this weekend?'


    Note the date was March 26 well before the zoning was involved.
    We wanted pick of 6 chicks from 24 and she could have the rest.
    I asked her if we could come and see them several times
    Always an excuse. She lives 5 minutes from us.
    These were from McMurray Hatchery and cost about 90 dollars.
    Even when zoning made her get rid of them she never called us~!
    Or emailed for help.

    Don't have any pity on this woman as she is a lier and a thief in my book.
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    I sent a request to join the facebook group. I signed the petition but I see it began in 2011. Is anything being done towards allowing Hillsborough County to have chickens? I shared the petition on facebook and have nine other people than myself to sign it so far!! Here is my comment I placed on facebook with the link to the petition:

    Can I ask all of you a favor??? Please Help?? This wont help me, immediately, but it could change for the future and I might could bring my chickens back home, where they belong. Would you please sign and share this petition. Here is my comment as to why --
    Please sign and share this position. My neighbor, who would not let me be in my yard to do anything without holding me up for two and three hours so he and his wife could gossip about the neighborhood, for my first four months in this house, and I finally told them to leave me alone - is a retired code and zoning officer, using his code and zoning buddies to pick us to death.
    I was told I could have chickens here, is why I even bought this house. I am now informed this tiny little portion of Thonotosassa is not zoned allowed to have chickens. I have had my chickens here for four years. As of the 14th of October, I have 21 days to relocate them. The quickest thing I am able to do will place my four hens and two roosters in danger of predators because I dont have the money to do it correctly, for their safety, this quickly.
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