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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ben is a terror, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Apr 9, 2011
    I want to sell my extra eggs I see some people post on craigslist. Do I need permits papers or anything or just post them? I live in NJ
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    I live in Oregon and although I don't know the laws yet for my young flock's upcoming eggs, I did learn that the local state agriculture dept. has the info I need. You can find them in the phone book or online. Hope that helps.
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    Personally, I would keep your egg sales to friends, family, and neighbors. Once you start to advertise then technically you have a business and will be regulated. Even if you sell to a local farm market then your eggs should be washed, graded, and an operation that can be inspected according to your local laws. Your sales listed as income, etc... Not sure you want to go down that road.
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    Apr 8, 2008
    You need to look at the laws in your state. A quick googling for "New Jersey Law shell eggs" yields New Jersey Statutes 4:3-11.11 through 4:3-11.26.

    I agree that you must follow all applicable laws if you're selling to strangers, but that all bets are off when selling to family and friends. That being said, do go read and see how onerous New Jersey's requirements are. In Ohio, if I want to put a sign at the end of my driveway and sell to passersby, all I need to do is keep eggs below 40 degrees F, and have them in a carton with our farm name, address, and the words "One Dozen Eggs" "mixed size" and "ungraded" on it, as well as a pack date--and you can't reuse cartons from the grocery store unless you mark out all the information on them, such as brand and grading info. And I need to keep a record of how many eggs I pack. It's pretty easy, as long as you are selling them from the property where you keep the hens.

    Where you get into trouble in Ohio is trying to take them to farmers' markets or doing delivery. Those are much more difficult to do legally.
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