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May 13, 2015
Carrollton, Ga
Does anyone know the laws in Carroll county Ga? I haven't had much luck finding my area. I'm currently out in the country with a neighbor who has chickens and a rooster with no complaints but we plan to move in the next year and are concerned about finding a house without losingthe chickens or rooster. We have no intention of buying a house in the city but you can't predict the future so now I'm concerned. We're inheriting sine chickens from relatives in the next month or 2 because they're moving somewhere in Alabama that does not allow chickens/rooster. I'm not sure what kinds they are but there's less than 10 including rooster since we'll only be taking the babies. Please does anyone know the laws for Carroll county and surrounding cities? Thanks.
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You really need to ask at village or town hall. There is no way to know the laws for every single town . You may do better if you post on the Georgia thread and see if anyone knows the laws for your area. I hope you can have your chickens.

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