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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by cactus-hen, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Jun 21, 2008
    I just read a message that said 'never give lay pellets/crumble to chicks because of the calcium'. My mother hens and chicks free range with all the other chickens. They all eat the same lay crumble, whole oats, and scratch. I have tried to separate moms and babies and feed them chick starter. The hens scratch the starter away or call the chicks away from the food. I have been raising chicks this way for almost two years. My first chicks are very productive laying hens now. What problems would show up because of the calcium?
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    The reason people recommend not feeding layer feed to chicks is that the high calcium content can potentially damage kidneys. Since yours free range and eat bugs etc they are probably not getting as much calcium as chicks kept confined with no choice of food.

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    To solve that problem you could just feed Flock Raiser to everyone and offer oyster shell free choice to the hen.

    I had to feed my current babies layer crumble for their first night here, but I wouldn't do it for any length of time.
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    I remember reading a thread on the Emergencies area about someone that lost her chicks due to the Layer feed. They had one tested, and it was due to the calcium overload.
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    Jun 21, 2008
    what is flock raiser?
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    flock raiser is a type of feed designed to meet the needs of a variety of poultry (turkey, ducks, chickens) and is supposed to be a feed for any age after starter.
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    Quote:Purina Flock Raiser says "for starting and growing your mixed flock" (or something really similar).
    They have a separate medicated starter if you chose to feed it to the babies.
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    I am having the same issue with the Layena Pellets I feed the big girls. I bought some Purina Chick Starter for my newly hatched eggs my broody was so happy to incubate for me. How do I keep the babies from eating the Layena feed. I have it in a container that they cannot reach yet but Mom keeps feeding it to them. If I put the Starter in a container then ALL the hens rush for it. Currently I have the starter in a area that only the chicks can get to. (opening not big enough for the others) But how do I keep Mom from feeding the Layens to them? Do I take away the Layena? Let everybody have Chick Starter and put out oyster shell?

    What do I do? Whoa is me! What do i do?
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    On free range it's less of a thing than in cooped and caged chicks/chickens. They're going to get a fair balance on free range over time/over all. Flock starter - or any "grower/finisher" feed, chicken or game, and free choice shell is the safest choice for a mixed age flock. I've never had a problem with chicks and their mother's scratch or layer pellet but all mine are free rangers. I try to leave a container of chick starter where only mom and chicks can get at it, or only the chicks, but Delawares are blessed creative and that usually means that the adult dels wiggle and crawl and eat it anyway. LOL Bad birds.

    I love that about them.

    You can rig a place only chicks can get to and they'll eat there first and preferentially if it's always there. If they get most of their feed from their own container they'll do okay.

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