Layena plus (thread run off) Pics - PLEASE!

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    Aug 22, 2012
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    I understand that this is a 'smaller pellet' but, can someone, ANYONE supply me with a picture for size reference?

    I know it's also a plant based diet and I'm OK with that. I feed scraps and my flock free ranges in my garden for all the slugs and snails and bugs they can find... and they DO find. They have plenty of non plant protein. LOL.

    My hens have all but stopped eating their current pellets and I think it's the size of them. They really preferred the crumbles and well of course scraps and junk they find free ranging. All fine and dandy but they are losing weight. So, I'm worming this week as I don't know that they have ever been wormed (got them at 4 months of age and they are almost 6 months now) and I'd like to try to get some weight back on them. They seem to be losing pretty quick now.

    They are still bright and alert, just getting too skinny.
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    I only have Layena pellets. My grown girls don't really seem to like laying pellets. Come to think about it, seems like most of the chickens I've had didn't really like the laying pellets. They all want chick starter/grower. So I wet the pellets down some and stir it up into crumbles. They seem to like it better that way. They get that for the 1st feeding, cheerios crunched for a snack sometimes, and scratch and a little moistened dry dog food for the evening meal. I can't let them free range for their safety. Dogs and LOTS of hawks.
    If you still have some of the pellets they don't want, try wetting it some and stir till crumbled and see if it helps. Best of luck!

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